Aug 03

IPEC, L.L.C. was formed with highly experienced personnel with over 50 years of combined experience in heavy industrial construction and maintenance. We are a non-union company employing fully trained and experienced field personnel. We take exceptional pride in our field services. Our entire field staff are MSHA Part 46 trained and are all safety minded with years of experience working with various pieces of process equipment in different industries.


IPEC Celebrates our newly established EMR of .75

At IPEC, we have worked very hard on our safety programs in the field and it shows. We work with the premise that all injuries and accidents are preventable. Given the proper tooling, equipment and programs in the field, we feel we can reach the attainable goal of zero accidents and zero injuries.


From our main office in Grayling, Michigan and our various field offices, we serve our clients throughout the U.S. by providing industrial construction, plant maintenance and outage services. As a licensed mechanical contractor in 29 states, we build our projects on an open shop basis in various contractual arrangements including: lump sum general contracts, cost-plus and time and material. Although we specialize in the cement processing plants and their associated process equipment, we also serve the food, steel, mining, power and board processing industries.

Owners & Employees

IPEC, its owners and employees work to achieve a safe workplace and safe production in the field. To that end, the company requires that every employee conduct himself or herself in a manner that is within compliance of all regulatory agencies, including MSHA, OSHA and any others that may have jurisdiction at a project. In addition, every employee of IPEC will be made aware of those plants safety policies and be required to comply with those policies. Our commitment to safety is shown in our overall safety record and our in-house safety training programs.


Vertical Roller Mill Roll Repair
Roll repair on Vertical Roller Mill. Removal and Installation of new bearings and seals for Rolls.
Girth Gear & Pinion Installation
Installation of New Girth Gear & Pinion on Tubular Ball Mill. Installation included complete alignment of Mill.
Steel Mill Bar Line
Installation of New Traveling Bar Line in Steel Mill. Installation included the realignment of vertical rolling Mill.
Sugar Plant Exhaust Stack
Installation and Fabrication of new Exhaust Stack at Sugar Factory.
New Clinker Cooler Install
Installation of new Cement Clinker Cooler, Roll Crusher and all ancillary equipment. Project included the removal of existing Clinker Cooler.
Roll Replacement
Roll Replacement on Vertical Roller Mill. Installation included complete Roll Inspections.